The Unspoken Word

When he saw her, he would smile within. Not giving away how much he enjoyed her presence.  Whilst she was all caught up in keeping him up to date with the bits of her life she wished to share, he hoped she had not noticed his eyes travelling all over her body. Taking in the fullness of her lips, her breasts that would fill the whole of his hands and her thick thighs in her jeans.

When she saw him she smiled on the outside while inside, she just wanted his arms around her.  Her head against his chest, hearing how his heart beat had quickened, giving her confirmation that he was feeling her just as much as she was feeling him.  Closing her eyes just long enough to day dream, before the envelope was opened and the embrace had come to its end.  However, that was all in her mind as she stood in front of him as he took in his view – her.

They went their separate ways, like they always did.    Both thinking about the next time, hoping the next time would be when the other would make a move; give in to temptation. Finally admitting to feeling something more than they should at this time. Going through the motions of saying its too soon and that they probably should not talk for a while but not wanting to give up on that link.  The one thing that sometimes elevated them from falling into that void of loneliness.


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