Just a Taste

Let’s keep it simple.
Feed my imagination and let me feed yours.

Take me on a journey that does not involve you touching me or me touching you.

Take my mind somewhere that will end with me wanting to be entwined with you. That allows me to reach a natural high that I will slowly come down from and want what you have to give me.

Tease me.

I want you to penetrate my thoughts leaving me thinking about you and only you. Making me want you to go as deep as you can that I am no longer muted and want to scream out and hear my voice echo in an empty room.

Whisper in my ears all the things you want to do to me. Nibble on me as if I’m the finest desert you have ever tasted.

Let me watch as I see you grow. Imagining what I would do with your wand of magic and all the surprises we can create with it’s stroke whether it be short or long.

Get so close that we are barely touching. Our chests rising and falling from our heart beats that have sped up still holding off the pressure of giving in to touch.

When I let you touch me remember you still have not unlocked the key. Your fingers have to learn to play the melody that I have yet to show you.

Run your fingers over the spots that show me that it’s not just about being inside me. Take your time with them. Watch my reaction to learn if you are getting closer to me giving in.

When your done with your fingers remember you have your hands.

Massage and caress me. This body is not going anywhere, so why rush.

Hold me.

Make sure that you can wait for that moment of actually making me come cos it won’t be on the first time you touch me.

Maybe not even the second time because I won’t be naked and nor will you. And I cannot say when I will let you unlock the padlock to my gift.

But like I said, feed my imagination and take me somewhere I’ve never been taken before.

Because I will feed yours and eventually take you for a ride…..


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