When The Kids Come Home

It always makes me laugh the way my kids always have so many stories to tell me when they return from spending either a weekend or longer periods of time with their dad due to the holidays. The stories they have to tell me, as adults we say that if a person is so quick to talk about their friend to you, what are they saying about you? Can the same phrase be used in relation to children? Not sure, but I know anything my children have to say about me can’t be all bad.

Dad: How are things at home?

Kids: Fine

Dad: Does you’re mum have a new boyfriend?

Kids: Yes

Dad: Does he come by the house?

Kids: He lives with us now. It’s been a while

Dad: He doesn’t touch you or treat you in any way?

Kids: No dad

You know how the dialogue goes.

So my kids come home and tell me all the things their dad asked and I know it’s only a matter of time before my phone is ringing and he’s drilling me like I’m his child too.

Ex: So the kids said that you are seeing someone?

Me: ‘rolls eyes’ yes

Ex: And he lives with you?

Me: yep

Ex: So you know the house belongs to the kids you know and no one should come and make them feel otherwise?

Me: (pause. So this is where in my head I’m thinking this is none of your business. Yes they are your kids but what goes on in my home is my business. As long as the kids are okay and I am not bringing them any harm and they have not said anything untoward to him for him to be concerned about, he should not be coming to me like this. But I repent and know not to play his game because that’s what he expects) Of course I know this and my partner does too

After seven years of our relationship of which we have been separated for the last eight to nine years and him being four relationships on (maybe more, I just don’t know), he still goes through this routine. I’ve allowed it up to this point to save argument but it’s always a good time to make change…..


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