2017 – Daily Affirmations and Meditation

I’ve not posted anything in a while and I’ve told myself I would like to post something at least once a week.

So this is something small but it’s something.

I am apart of a small group of people on Twitter who are posting daily affirmations for 30 days and also meditating 


My post today is:

Day 12: I recognise the power of my mind so I will free it of negativity and replace it with positivity

This has always been a weakness for me; my mind. I think a lot, I over think. And then I over think what I’ve over thought.

So I’ve made a point of talking about stuff no matter how small, to people I trust to prevent myself from drowning. 

I use the word drowning not in a literal sense but figuratively but in a future post I will explain more.

I’ve also begun to meditate and welcome anyone who can share tips and advice on this.

MsChamps16k x


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