Daily Affirmations – Patience

“I will keep persevering.”

My #30DaysOfPositiveAffirmations is based on my patience or my lack thereof.

My sister is always reminding me that I need to allow certain situations or feelings to play out, because they will pass or the answer I want will come, I just need to wait.

The Secret and interpreters of the Bible use the analogy of us buying something that we have to wait for. We’ve submitted and paid for our order, now we just have to wait for that order to be delivered. Whether it be a next day delivery or 3-5 working days, we have to wait. We know it will come but just can’t be sure when.

Right now I am patiently waiting to get over my feelings from a break up and being let down once again. I am patiently going to the gym and getting my eating habits into a better place so I can lose weight. I am patiently waiting to one day be debt free. 

But whilst I wait, i keep working towards making these things happen so that I know once they do, I am able to receive it, maintain and build on the woman I am trying to become.

I will keep persevering. I will be patient and not give up like I used to.


2 thoughts on “Daily Affirmations – Patience

  1. I love your writing and always have. You touch my soul with your beautiful words that are so real. Keep up the good work and never let anyone make you feel your not good enough.

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