Guilty Pleasures

She sat naked with the soap suds covering her modesty as the steam from the bath rose creating a dancing fog in the room; this creating the perfect ambience to embrace herself.

Eyes closed, she sat with her head tilted back. As one hand caressed the back of her neck, the other slowly made it’s way down – as she bit her bottom lip in anticipation – brushing over her hardened nipples, making her arch her back just a little.

Her body glistened with goose pimples and perspiration as if the room was cold but the room wasn’t in the least.

Her hand reached the top of her gift. The excitement she was feeling intensified as she realised what was to come. She giggled to herself as her hand that was once around her neck was now moving it’s fingers to her lips for her to suck whilst her other hand played with it’s present and made her arch her back a little bit more than the last…..


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