Little White Box

One missed call I will never forget.

The pain I felt after, still has not left.

The picture ingrained over a thousand times, replacing smiles, eyes and repeated lies.

That little white box was just the start; what was to follow broke my heart.

The following day, I apologised for not accepting your call but explained why.

Booty call hours I typed and sent; “booty call hours, ok” you texted.

Hours passed and I just assumed, you were upset that I had made a move.

Days had passed after my laughing faces, which eventually left an empty space.

By day three I hit you up; hoping to explain, wanting to give up. I had only joked, I had not made a move. But also did not want it to seem like I was waiting on you.

Kept checking my message to see if it had been delivered and once delivered checked to see if it had been read.

When eventually I saw the reply you had sent….

The little white box.

Your angel, your prince, your one day king.

Wrapped in silk, a beautiful gift; to be laid to rest and sleep in eternal peace.


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