Love Me

Is it too much to ask?

Hug me.

Touch me.

Build me up without then trying to break me down.

A Queen you want but want to take away the remnants of my crown.

A smile I wear but then you see a frown.

I show you love but you hide from me.

I think your scared, I’ve begun to see.

We’re not here to rush so I understand.

But let your guard down just a little and you still remain the man.

I’m not here to break your heart, just trust me.

Trust that feeling inside, that this was meant to be.

The more you fight it and want to be in control.

The slower this process of really getting to know.

The way I feel, I wear on my sleeve.

I have to be patient which doesn’t come easy.

But if matched with effort will show me its worth it.

However, right now I’m blind, I’m confused as we move.

I know what I want but unsure about what you.

Really see when you look at me.

Really hear when you listen to me speak.

Do you even see me or hear what I say.

Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.

Can you hear this; don’t be afraid,

Just Love Me 💜


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