Love Letter Part 2


A King deserves a Queen who will be strong, kind and true. A Queen deserves a King who will honour and respect his moves.  A son, a father, brother and uncle; you’re King you tell yourself because you know your worth.

Not only do I care about you because of how you are to me, but the way you are to the people closest to you and the words you speak.  I catch myself sometimes, questioning if you are real; I pray that all you say is true.

This piece is all about you.  And just because I do not say it, I do recognise all you do, say and feel.

You said once that we are both different in how we do things but still want the same result.  Although I’ve heard you say this, I still have not taken this on.  So I find it hard sometimes, wanting a certain reaction because of what I say.  But forget what you do, which then has me bound in two.  But there was a day when I needed my faith restored and my bible app coincidently was Matthew 6:33

What really opened my eyes to this was when I feared losing you.  The last couple of days have been hard because I was faced with being back in a place I didn’t want to. I had already had us married with plus two for us both, I want to be the strings to your bow.

I woke up this morning thinking of you. Noticing the place I’ve had with you is not as available as it once was.

It makes me sad, not because I need you, but because I want you to myself.

And no I don’t want anyone else.

I know I’m not replaceable because there’s no one like me and I know that you see.

But maybe you keep me close because I’m not where you need me to be.

I just know that your a good guy so why wouldn’t anyone want a piece of that.

It’s only times like this, that I realise how much of your time and attention I had.

And I want it back! 😔


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