Why am I not saving me?

I see the bomb, hit self destruct and count to three.

Rather than try and avoid the splinters it’s released,

I stand ever so close and watch all the pieces flying at me, full speed.

I give others loving and true advice,

Yet I realise I don’t actually use it in my own life.

For so long I’ve wanted someone to save me,

That when I’ve needed saving I don’t let people in enough to really see;

But maybe I’m just stronger than I really believe.

When my son said I’m strong like his friends sister, it made me think.

It filled me with a sense of pride to know that my child felt this way.

Your kids, you try to pave the way, erase mistakes from the past and make things better for their adult days.

I need to be easy, reflect and see how far I’ve come.

Take more time appreciating rather than getting caught up.

It’s sucking away my energy and I feel like I’m never ready.

My head and my heart constantly feel heavy.

My thoughts are not what they are meant to be.

And I am not the person that I need to be: for me!

My own Superhero 💜


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